Turkey Flock

Why did the turkeys cross the road? These turkeys, Meleagris gallopavo, are not native to California, but were introduced to the state in the early 1900s for hunting. Skeletal evidence found in the La Brea tarpits show turkeys have ancient roots in southern California, but skeletal remains reveal the species Mealagris californica was much smaller than the M. gallopavo species present today. Turkeys are opportunistic omnivores that will eat amphibians and reptiles, bird eggs, seeds, berries, leaves, mollusks, buds, acorns, pine nuts, and bugs. Their diverse diets and increasing populations have raised concern that turkeys may have a negative effect on ecosystem health and biodiversity. The study shared in the link following describes these concerns and more, in more detail, and concludes that more research needs to be done to further investigate the effects turkeys have in our enivorment (Gillingham, Angela. Gobbling Up Habitat.  2008. https://dukespace.lib.duke.edu/dspace/bitstream/handle/10161/538/MP_ang6_a_200805.pdf.pdf;jsessionid=657097B700D18676E96F238704656DC1?sequence=1)

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