Unveiled and Hidden

A grey November day in the north end of the valley where the wetlands are changed into their fall colors. The leaves have fallen off the Ash and Oaks revealing masses of Ramalina and other species of lichens hanging in sheets, their pale green color covering the branches. There are also dark green mosses that look vibrant and happy in the gentle drizzle of rain falling. The Cattails and Tules have become oranges and pinks in the distance. Looking into the trees, the nests that have been hidden, are now stark and visible, their foundations of sticks showing us the work of the spring season. As I walk around, the quiet and stillness is broken by the calls of a murder of American crows chasing a very annoyed Barn owl. They chase it in and out of the Ash trees and finally it roosts and they leave it be. The peace returns. A Black-tailed mule deer notices me in the distance and then returns to feeding. Time to head back.

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