Ducks and More

November 17th,  Friday 10am.

Low fog and clouds to begin with, but it cleared up quickly to a beautiful, sunny day. The moisture in the ground made the ground squishy. A flock of Canada Geese and American Wigeon flew by, the geese honking noisily and the wigeon making their squeaky toy whistle sounds, reminding me of the central valley in Sacramento. They were heading to Outlet creek in the north end of the valley, out of the sewage treatment plant. As I went over the Davis Creek bridge, I disturbed 9 beautiful Wood ducks in the creek. These also took to the air and headed to the north, to Outlet Creek. In one of the fields that I passed, was a long wet swale ( a depression in the ground). I could hear the call of Killdeer, a plover type of bird, that can be found commonly on any open ground.  When I was able to get close enough, I counted 41 Killdeer. Some of these were bathing, sleeping, and eating. It was a marvelous sight.