Week #16 Backyard Bluebirds

About five years ago, I installed a bird box next to my garden in the backyard. A few years passed with no occupants. Then, on a beautiful spring day last year, I was delighted to look out my window and see a pair of Western bluebirds perched near the box. They went on to raise two separate broods through the summer! When they left after raising their second brood, I was grateful to have had such a sweet addition to my yard. Living on the coast, bluebirds are a rarer sight over here than in Little Lake Valley.

Working from home this spring has allowed me to keep a closer eye on my bird box. On the last day of March, I noticed that the bluebirds had returned! The female has been gathering nest material while the male bluebird usually stands guard, fending off Violet-green tree swallows that are also interested in using the bird box. The female was especially happy to gather up grass clippings after my landlord had mowed the lawn. I’m really looking forward to seeing how well they do this year. Although there is a lot of uncertainty in the air right now, the one constant is that life goes on. Stay strong and stay healthy!

Watch this cool slow motion video of a Violet-green swallow inspecting the bird box!

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