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Progressive Road Design & Maintenance

Controlling runoff from rural roads is perhaps the most important conservation measure for the prevention of sediment delivery to local streams and waterways, thereby protecting threatened and endangered salmon species and aquatic habitat. These measures include storm-proofing existing, unimproved roads by installing rolling dips, out-sloping road segments, and upgrading stream-crossings.


Rolling dips along a riparian road

MCRCD works with conservation partners and land managers to assess roads, develop a plan of recommendations, and to identify potential cost-share strategies for implementation. The benefits of upgrading unimproved rural roads include: 1) road drivability and safety; 2) reducing road maintenance; and 3) protecting water quality as well as wildlife and aquatic habitats. MCRCD also offers project planning and permitting assistance through our LandSmart™ Program.


Announcement for Mendocino Coast Landowners and/or Land Managers!
In spring 2016, MCRCD was awarded a Timber Fund grant through the State Water Resources Control Board to provide three workshops on progressive road design and maintenance and to conduct approximately forty miles of road assessments on Mendocino Coast watersheds. Road assessments can be used as a plan for ongoing road maintenance and/or to schedule and prioritize drainage improvements, and to submit as “shovel ready” plans for implementation through grant funds.

Beginning in spring 2017, a Technical Peer Review Team identified sub watersheds and ownerships in coastal watersheds listed as impaired for sediment. To learn more about controlling road related sediment, and to be notified about upcoming workshops, contact Patty Madigan at:  patty.madigan@mcrcd.org, or leave a message at (707) 462-3664 x 102. To view the Final Project Summary for this project, click here.