Projects in: Habitat Mitigation

Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project

The Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project (RVOEP) is a multi-year project to restore a portion of the West Fork Russian River at an outdoor education school owned by Ukiah Unified School District. The project involved removal of invasive Vinca major, commonly known as periwinkle, from 14,000 square feet within the riparian area as well as…

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Eastside Potter Valley Road Mitigation Project

The Mendocino County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) Eastside Potter Valley Road Mitigation Project creates an outdoor education program for Potter Valley schools at a nearby conservation easement property as mitigation for removal of 800 trees along Eastside Potter Valley Road. MCRCD has initiated planning with the teachers, provided sample curricula, solicited donations for program supplies,…

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Geyserville Bridge Mitigation

Geyserville mitigation funds (Caltrans) are used for restoration projects in the Upper Russian River watershed. Projects have included invasive plant removal retreatment at Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project, monitoring revegetation at the Feliz Creek dam removal site, monitoring Arundo donax removal sites, revegetation at the Mill Creek bridge installation site, riparian restoration on private ranches,…

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