Mendocino Jumpstart Integrated Water Plan

The Mendocino Jumpstart Integrated Water Plan, funded through the Department of Water Resources, Prop84, began in 2013 and is being implemented in partnership with Mendocino College, Ukiah Unified School District, and the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds. The project includes educational components covering topics associated with water conservation, LID (Low Impact Development), water conservation and sustainability that will be implemented on the college and Ukiah High School campuses and at the Ukiah Fairgrounds site. Irrigation upgrades, turf to xeric conversions, and rainwater catchment are in various stages of completion, and have been used to inform existing class curricula as well as community workshops. Construction of a wetland/vernal pool complex began in fall 2016, and will include participation by the college’s Native Plant Nursery and botany students. This project is timely and relevant given the State’s extended drought conditions and the public’s new awareness of limited water resources.