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Sustainable Agricultural Lands Strategy Program

In 2015, the Mendocino County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office and MCRCD were awarded funding through the Department of Conservation and the Strategic Growth Council to help Mendocino County prepare a Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Plan. Program elements include:

⦁ Prioritizing agricultural conservation values such as important farmlands, agricultural lands at risk of conversion to non-agricultural use, and agricultural lands with high natural resource and habitat values.

⦁ Identifying and addressing barriers to participation in agricultural preservation programs such as agricultural conservation easements and farmland mitigation programs.

⦁ Providing technical assistance to the agricultural community to build climate change resiliency.

Useful Fact Sheets:

Sustainable Ag Lands Committee (SALC) Final Report

Ag Lands Committee Fact Sheet

Williamson Act Fact Sheet

Conservation Easements Fact Sheet