The MCRCD Water Resources Program’s mission is to promote and protect clean water and healthy streams, which are critically important to aquatic ecosystems and human communities.

We work in partnership with landowners, property managers, schools, road associations, Tribes, government agencies, and the public to enhance, protect, and restore water resources in Mendocino County. Together, we engage in outreach, education, technical assistance, promotion of cost-share and grant opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate water conservation best management practices,
  • Promote and implement water quality improvement projects,
  • Support stormwater pollution prevention strategies,
  • Restore fisheries habitat and riparian connectivity on a landscape level, and
  • Enhance stream flows and engage in climate beneficial practices.

Mendocino County historically had abundant water resources. However, climate change is intensifying periods of drought and flooding. In addition, water resources are not distributed evenly throughout the year and are not always available when the people, farms and fish need the water the most. In addition, water is not available equally to all; Tribes and people of color in Mendocino County are disproportionately impacted by drought and water shortages and are frequently the first to feel the effects.

MCRCD Water Program Projects

Water Quality: TMDLs, Stormwater, and Roads

Water Quantity: Conservation, Storage, Groundwater, Resilience

Fisheries, Aquatic Species and Aquatic Habitat

Regional Planning, Outreach and Education

MCRCD participates in regional water resources planning and educational efforts in cooperation with federal, state and local agencies.

Fee for Service