MCRCD Soil Health and Agriculture Program’s mission is to promote active management for both climate resiliency and agricultural productivity through healthy soils and land management. Through a combination of technical assistance, outreach, education, regional partnerships, and county leadership, we act as a catalyst to:

  • Empower land stewards to manage for the future by improving ecosystem functions and healthy soils
  • Mobilize community planning and implementation efforts related to sustainable land practices
  • Connect land managers with the scientific community and research
  • Acquire grant funds and link land managers to outside funding for planning and implementation of climate beneficial practices in the North Coast Region
  • Engage and support agricultural producers, including farmers, ranchers, vineyard and cannabis cultivators regarding land and water stewardship resources and best management practices (BMPs).

Soil Health and Agriculture Projects

Technical Assistance


  • North Coast Opportunities – Farm 2 School Program

Fee for Service