• Aquatic Species Monitoring
    MCRCD’s fisheries biologist and interim Executive Director, Joe Scriven, earned his master’s degree in fisheries from Humboldt State University and has managed fisheries restoration and water quality projects in Mendocino County since 1998.  Joe maintains a Scientific Collecting Permit, required to perform surveys for spawning salmonids.  Joe is also trained to conduct habitat assessments for… More
  • Forest Management Plans and Assessments
    MCRCD works with Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs) to develop Forest Management Plans consistent with the California Cooperative Forest Management Plan template approved by NRCS, US Forest Service, CAL FIRE, and the American Tree Farm System. Forest Management Plans are long-term documents that are written in collaboration with landowners and helps organize and guide land management… More
  • Groundwater Elevation Monitoring
    MCRCD provides groundwater elevation monitoring for the County of Mendocino and the Ukiah Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (UVBGSA). At this time, groundwater monitoring occurs only in the Ukiah Valley Basin, assessed as a “medium priority” basin by the California Department of Water Resources. To date, there are 42 wells being monitored twice yearly. The… More
  • Plant Assessments, Monitoring, and Planting Plans
    MCRCD staff can come assess your property and make recommendations on native plants that will grow well under your specific site conditions. In addition to assessments, MCRCD staff can design and implement native plant revegetation projects and conduct ongoing monitoring to meet any agency requirements as a fee for service. MCRCD has offices in Boonville… More
  • Water Use Assessments and Water Audits
    MCRCD offers interior water audits for homeowners who want to identify areas of water leakage and water waste. The audit takes between one and two hours in your home or office and includes assessment of toilets, faucets, and showers; a main line and toilet leak detection test; an analysis of monthly water bills; and inexpensive… More