Recent job postings are listed below.

Water Resources Project Manager

MCRCD’s Water Resources Program has a mission to promote and protect clean water and healthy streams, which are critically important to aquatic ecosystems and human communities. We work in partnership with landowners, property managers, schools, road associations, Tribes, government agencies, and the public to enhance, protect, and restore water resources in Mendocino County.  Together, we engage in outreach, education, technical assistance, promotion of cost-share and grant opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate water conservation best management practices,
  • Promote and implement water quality improvement projects,
  • Support stormwater pollution prevention strategies,
  • Support sustainable groundwater efforts and strategies,
  • Restore fisheries habitat and riparian connectivity on a landscape level, and
  • Enhance stream flows and engage in climate beneficial practices throughout Mendocino County.

Forestry Project Manager

The Mendocino County Resource Conservation District (RCD) seeks a Forestry Program Manager to promote sustainable forestry and land stewardship through active management for both climate change and fire resiliency on public and private lands. Through a combination of technical assistance, outreach, education, and regional partnerships, the Forest Program Manager will:

  • Educate and engage the public on issues regarding fire and fuels, insects and disease, habitat diversity, and the importance of active and informed management.
  • Help residents, landowners, and land managers understand the ecology of their forestland and how to best manage to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Act as a catalyst in mobilizing community planning and implementation efforts for cross-boundary, landscape level treatments.
  • Link landowners and land managers to outside financial assistance opportunities to support thoughtful implementation projects to promote forest health, reduce hazardous fuel loading, enhance wildlife habitat, and improve overall forest stand resiliency.
  • Acquire grant funds to enhance planning capacity and implement vegetation management activities that contribute to the health and resilience of forests within Mendocino County and throughout the North Coast.