Little Lake Valley Restoration Blog

Welcome Spring Rains

April 14, 2022 When Little Lake Valley gets significant rain in April or May (at least two or more inches), especially after having dry months of winter, I breathe a sigh of relief. The creeks fill up, the ground saturates, and we get some inundation in the north end of the valley. This is important…

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The Sounds of Spring

April 4, 2022 Having been out of town for the entire month of March it is very exciting to return to find spring is well on its way here. There are flowers blooming along the roadsides such as Lupines and Buttercups. The vibrant green of the Willits Valley is soothing to my eyes and psyche.…

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A Misty Walk through the Wetlands

3/17/2022 During a rainy and foggy Thursday morning walk, I observed a wide variety of wildlife congregating on the wet meadows of the north end of the valley. As I looked through my binoculars to identify the groups of Mallards and Wigeons, I noticed several Greater Yellowlegs foraging at the edge of the inundated field.…

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