Little Lake Valley Restoration Blog

Spreadwings and Pond Damsels

May 13, 2024 In the spring, many things happen on the Willits Bypass Mitigation lands: an influx of bird migrants, trees and grasses leafing out and producing flowers, and flying insects everywhere. Today, I want to focus on a couple of damselfly species. Walking through the tall grasses along the riparian corridors of Outlet Creek,…

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A Neotropical Migrant

May 1st, 2024 It is a gorgeous spring day. The weather is breezy but sunny, so it is that great combination of warmth and coolness that I love. Out on the mitigation project along Davis Creek, the many songs tell me that more of our neotropical migrants are back. One of the outstanding migrants that…

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The Common Merganser

April 15th, 2024 The spring weather was perfect for being out and observing this week. The water in Willits Valley is drying up in the grasslands and flowing nicely through the creek beds. There is still some inundation left on the north end of the Mitigation Lands. I must use knee-high rubber boots to walk…

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