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A Misty Walk through the Wetlands

3/17/2022 During a rainy and foggy Thursday morning walk, I observed a wide variety of wildlife congregating on the wet meadows of the north end of the valley. As I looked through my binoculars to identify the groups of Mallards and Wigeons, I noticed several Greater Yellowlegs foraging at the edge of the inundated field.…

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Red-shouldered Hawks in the Valley

2/19/2022 While enjoying a mid-day lunch break in an oak woodland on the south end of the Willits Mitigation Bypass Lands, I was fortunate to experience three Red-shouldered Hawks putting on an early spring display. The incessant shrieking of this forestland raptor sent alarms throughout the canopy. As the hawk’s calling grew louder, it appeared…

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Week #06 Rabbits and Hares

Brush rabbits are a western cottontail species that do not spend too much time outside of cover. The Black-tailed jackrabbit is a hare, with stronger and longer legs it can afford to spend more time foraging in the open because its speed helps it avoid predators, although still a significant food source for hawks, eagles,…

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