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California Sustainable Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM)

MCRCD is currently providing CASGEM groundwater elevation monitoring for the County of Mendocino. At this time, groundwater monitoring occurs only in the Ukiah Valley basin, assessed as a “medium priority” basin by the California Department of Water Resources. To date, there are 39 wells being monitored twice yearly.

If you have a well in Ukiah or Redwood Valley, consider becoming part of the CASGEM program! The MCRCD and the Mendocino County Water Agency are always seeking volunteers to participate in the program and help preserve the valley’s access to state grant funding for water projects.

Participation is free for the well owner and is an easy way to contribute a huge public service. A simple water level test twice a year measures the depth of the water table and provides you with individualized data about your groundwater elevation. The program’s goal is to gauge seasonal and long-term trends in groundwater levels within each of the state’s monitored basins. The data will be made available to the public in a statewide database.

It’s easy to participate! Contact Deborah Edelman at 707-462-3664 ext. 106 or deborah.edelman@mcrcd.org at the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District if you have questions or would like to sign up.