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Deborah is a Senior Project Manager and Water Program Manager for MCRCD with a focus on groundwater management, stormwater pollution prevention, water conservation, and watershed education. She developed the Watershed Best Management Practices for Cannabis Growers and Rural Gardeners, the first peer-reviewed watershed BMP guide developed by a natural resource agency in California specifically for cannabis growers. She works closely with the Ukiah Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency and the Mendocino County Drought Task Force, as well as with Mendocino County Tribes to assist with drought and water resiliency. She has a master’s degree in ecology and environmental policy analysis from UC Davis. Prior to joining MCRCD, she worked for the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, where she managed the Oakwood Valley creek restoration project, and the University of California Cooperative Extension, where she helped develop the California Naturalist Program. She is a co-author of The California Naturalist Handbook (UC Press, 2013).