MCRCD Board of Directors Meeting Agendas

This page is continuously updated with agendas for meetings of the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District. The Board of Directors have regular meetings the third Tuesday of every month according to this schedule: 2021 MCRCD Board Meeting Schedule.

For information about meetings of the MCRCD Finance, Land Stewardship, and Executive Committees, click here.

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Procedures and Notes


The facility is accessible to people with disabilities.Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation to participate in the meeting should contact MCRCD at (707) 462-3664 or at least 5 working days prior to the meeting.


The purpose of the meeting is for the Board of Directors to obtain testimony and information from concerned and affected parties and make decisions after considering the recommendations made by the Executive Director.MCRCD and staff welcome information of pertinent problems within the Board’s jurisdiction, but comments at the meeting should be brief and directed to the specifics of the agenda item to enable the Board to take the appropriate action.

All written submittals shall be due no later than 12:00 noon the Tuesday before the board meeting.Timely submittal of comments gives the Board and staff sufficient time to familiarize themselves with your concerns and for staff to address them.

In order to give everyone an opportunity to be heard, a time limit for oral comments may be imposed on any agenda item.Interested persons are encouraged to submit their comments in writing by the applicable due date and use time for oral comments to summarize those concerns.Speakers should plan to deliver their oral comments within 3 minutes.If a longer period of time is desired, speakers will be expected to notify the MCRCD staff prior to the meeting date, for scheduling purposes.The speaker will be expected to have submitted a written summary of the comments to be delivered by the due date for the associated agenda item and limit oral comments to a summary of pertinent points previously presented in writing.

If the submitted written material is more than 5 pages or contains foldouts, color graphics, maps, etc., 15 copies must be submitted for distribution to the Board and staff.

Comments on agenda items will be accepted by electronic mail subject to the same conditions set forth for other written submissions.Total submittal (including attachments) cannot exceed 5 printed pages in length.

Speakers are responsible for providing and operating projectors and other presentation aids.Some equipment may be available at the Board meeting; however, the type of equipment available is not guaranteed.To ascertain the availability of presentation equipment please contact MCRCD at (707) 462-3664 or at least 5 working days prior to the meeting.