Watershed Best Management Practices for Cannabis Growers and Other Rural Gardeners Download Now!
Watershed Best Management Practices for Cannabis Growers and Other Rural Gardeners

Prácticas Óptimas de Gestión De Cuencas Hidrográficas para Cultivadores de Cannabis y Otros Jardineros Rurales Descargar

A Guide For Planning, Designing, Constructing, Reconstructing, Upgrading, Maintaining And Closing Wildland Roads. Download Now!

El Libro Verde Manual De Caminos Forestales Y Rurales Descargar

Original Handbook for Forest and Ranch Roads
A guide for planning, designing, construction, reconstruction, maintaining and closing wildland roads. $20.00 (price includes tax).  OUT OF STOCK

Forest and Ranch Roads DVD

A guide to improving, repairing and restoring roads for water quality, fish, and people. 58 minutes. $6.00 (price includes tax).

Navarro River Restoration Plan

The plan provides an initial structure for the Anderson Valley Community and interested groups and government agencies to implement a comprehensive watershed restoration and enhancement effort. Background studies for the Plan include hydrology, geomorphology, sediment production, salmonid habitat condition and distribution, stream flow, stream temperature, water quality, land use patterns, and impacts of the major historical and current land uses. Based on these studies, the Plan makes recommendations for voluntary restoration and conservation actions to benefit water quality in general and the salmon fishery in particular. $22.00 (price includes tax) .

Navarro River Restoration Plan Technical Appendices

$17.00 (price includes tax).

The purpose of this guide is to provide information to help non-engineers plan, construct and maintain simple access roads with minimal soil loss. It applies to relatively low cost, low speed roads.

Navarro River Guide

A guide for Navarro River area residents to learn about their property and find technical and financial assistance projects that will enhance the land. 36 pages + map. $5.00 (price includes tax). All proceeds after sales tax support the Navarro River Resource Center.

Russian River Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan – June 2012 RussianRiverIRWMP_final

Forsythe Creek Watershed Assessment – January 2006 Forsythe Creek Watershed Assessment Final Report

Western Mendocino County Soil Survey CD

This CD-ROM contains the soil survey report of Mendocino County, California, Western Part. We have added the necessary links to make it easier to navigate throughout the different sections of the survey report. Where appropriate, we have included links to additional tables generated from the NRCS National Soil Information System (NASIS). The maps were generated from the SSURGO digital soil lines overlaid on USGS Digital Raster Graph (DRG) 7.5′ quadrangles. The maps include links from map unit symbols to map unit descriptions in the report. $6.00 (price includes tax).