February 7, 10 am 

It is another very warm day. The sky is cloudless and super blue. Today I am out in an area we call “Plasma” where the grass looks like it has grown several inches this week. It is a verdant green, reminding me of Ireland. As I walk through the open fields the songs of Western Meadowlarks are everywhere. There is one meadowlark singing loudly in a small pear tree. Their name comes from their beautiful lark-like song. There are a bunch (50+) grazing in the field in front of me but I know that, unlike cows, they are looking for grubs and insects to eat.

Another bird is out there doing the same thing, it is a Northern Flicker and there are two of them walking along the ground looking for ants, grubs, and other yummy insects. The male has a red mustache that distinguishes him from the female. They have noticeably long sharp bills for digging and hammering into trees.

As I walk passed a small wetland area, I notice a shorebird, a Killdeer, looking at me intently with its bright red eyes. It is scrunched down in the grass, blending in perfectly with the gravel and dry grass. Except for that red eye! 

It has become too hot for me to be out in the blazing sun, the temperature feels like 80 degrees so I head for the shade of the Oak woodland. It is such a relief to feel the coolness. The only activity I hear are the two Grey squirrels jumping through the canopy. It is time for me to leave and walking along I realize how much drier the ground is. When will it rain again? Is winter coming to an end already?

These questions go around in my head and I make a wish for more winter to happen soon.