Friday, October 20, 2017 Mid-day walk along Berry and Davis Creeks

Fall is everywhere, dark clouds and even a short shower reminds me that winter is around the corner. The valley is bright with yellows and oranges, Oregon Ash  and Cottonwoods look like flaming candles.  Looking out across the valley, I notice that there is a beautiful adult Bald Eagle observing us from a Cottonwood snag. To our right sit two White Tailed Kites, in front of us on the fence, sits a female Kestrel, and then a juvenile female Northern Harrier flies past us, causing the sparrows to twitter loudly. This is the time when our valley becomes a fall and winter home to all kinds of raptors and other birds like the Says Phoebe, so there is always something exciting to see. Mule deer are in the distance beyond the pasture of cows, seeming relaxed, at home. We turn back to the beginning of our walk, full of the expansiveness and beauty of this fall time.