Patricia Hickey, Executive Director

patriciahickey707-462-3664, ex 101

Patricia joined MCRCD in July 2014. She has worked with and for RCDs for over twenty years. Here in California, Patricia served as the Agricultural Program Director for the Gold Ridge RCD from 2005 through 2009. Prior to joining MCRCD, she served as the Stewardship Director for Marin Agricultural Land Trust working with over 70 farming and ranching families. Patricia is actively engaged at the state and regional levels in developing and promoting climate beneficial conservation programs and practices. She served on the Steering Committee for the Marin Carbon Project from April 2009 through July 2014. Patricia holds a bachelor’s degree in politics from UC Santa Cruz and graduate degrees in community planning and environmental science and management from the University of Rhode Island, and an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University of California.