Who We Are

The Mendocino County Resource Conservation District (MCRCD) is a non regulatory, local agency supporting voluntary stewardship of natural resources on wild and working landscapes. Serving landowners since 1945, MCRCD is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of local landowners. The MCRCD staff collaborates with private and public landowners to address natural resource concerns on their property. Utilizing Best Management Practices, MCRCD develops projects and pursues funding to assist landowners with meeting conservation objectives and/or regulatory compliance. MCRCD generates more than 95% of its budget from highly competitive grants.

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Programs and Projects

MCRCD assists landowners in developing and implementing Erosion Control Plans for sediment reduction projects, streambank protection, invasive species removal, riparian design and re-planting with native plants, and permitting assistance. Since 2000, MCRCD has:

  • upgraded more than 185 miles of rural ranch roads;
  • removed 3 miles of river front invasive vegetation and replanted with natives;
  • protected over 2,000 feet of streambank to prevent excessive erosion;
  • developed TMDL Erosion Control Plans for rural roads on approximately 14,000 acres; and,
  • implemented road sediment reduction treatments to more than 10,000 acres.


 Coordinated Permitting

MCRCD is a one-stop shop for permitting in Mendocino County. Projects qualifying for streamlined permitting are covered by nine standard USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service restoration practices. MCRCD’s program removes the headache of wading through the regulatory permitting process. The program is based on a successful model developed for the Navarro River watershed and is also available through the USDA-NRCD, MCRCD’s conservation and permit partner.